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The 3 Pillars Way

We approach every home from the basic principle of ‘If I lived here, this is exactly the way I would like it.” We then carefully design the home, build the schedule and budget, review all new and cutting edge technologies available to make the building process and home better, then we start construction.

Once started, we have a unique algorithm of scheduling materials, tradesmen and capital that places our construction timeline amongst the fastest in the industry. FAST? Yes FAST!! You see, it is NOT good for your new home to be exposed to the elements and YES, it is 100% possible to build quality at a fast pace. You must plan, and plan, and plan, and plan, and have trusted tradesmen and women to execute the plan.

Yet another unique aspect of our process, we do NOT rely on bank financing which adds delays and cost to the process. Once complete, generally in 120 to 150 days for a nicely equipped 3,000-4,000 square foot home, we market the quality and value to our future clients and share in the shaping of lifestyles.